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Close to 1,000 glass pool fences installed throughout Townsville and surrounds.   

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Frameless and Channel Pool Fences 

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Townsville Glass Pool Fencing & Balustrades

If you considering a Frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fence, you have come to the right place. With more than 30 years of combined experience among our team at Townsville Glass Fence & Balustrades, we have the know-how to perfectly install your brand new fence. 

This is important because the last thing you want from an investment are wobbly panels, gates that don’t shut flush or close smoothly. Or even worse, panels that fall off. 

You expect a glass pool fence to work perfectly for the lifespan of the product. Shoddy workmanship will only annoy you and possibly put people in danger. If you have questions or want to get your fence installed, give our team at Townsville Glass Fence & Balustrades a call right now.

Often times we are asked about DIY glass pool fencing, or how Bunning’s glass pool fencing compares. 

We will not shy away from having those conversations with you and answering any questions you might have.Or perhaps you know you want a professionally installed frameless glass pool fence but are wondering whether you should engage an architect. The good news is that your personalized project manager assigned to you will guide you through any of these questions that you might have.

It’s this dedication to customer service and professionalism that sets us apart from our competition. 

Our Townsville team take pride in learning the latest techniques, working with the latest equipment, and purchasing the highest quality glass panels and spigots, and other materials so that your investment in a glass pool fence is the best money can buy.

You can be confident knowing that when you choose us you are going to get a glass pool fence that is installed as well as anyone, not only in Townsville but anywhere in Australia. So that it lasts and continues to function and stay study throughout the entirety of its lifespan.

“Our new frameless glass fence around the pool is superb. I sit and stare at it, I am not joking.”  

Blake Timms, The Strand

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“A pool fence perfectly matches the colour of the patio and house bricks. This is why we went for a semi-frameless glass pool fence”

Sam Kilington, North Ward

Backyard Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Advantages of Glass Pool Fence

Among the advantages of a glass pool fence; it does not corrode, can offer filtering options, and has low maintenance and price. Here is a more in-depth look at why a glass pool fence is the best choice for you.

Flexible Design

Because of its design flexibility, some pool owners prefer to install pool glass pool fencing. It is easily adapted to changes in weather. It is also resistant to abrasion. Furthermore, it does not necessitate routine maintenance.

Low Maintenance

Glass pool fences, unlike metal, do not rust. As a result, glass pool fences require less maintenance than other types of pool fences. To clean it, simply sprinkle it with water and wipe it down with a cloth.


When it comes to elegance and style, a glass pool fence is a good option. Furthermore, it greatly increases the value of your property. It also has a modern, contemporary appearance.

Because glass is transparent, it can provide you with the view you desire without any restrictions or obstructions. It does not detract from the overall appearance of your pool landscape.

”I have had 4 parties since getting the fence. I am not going to lie, the main reason has been to show off the pool fence each time”


– Mark – Magnetic Island

Don’t Let Glass Pool Fence Myths Keep You From The Fence You Really Want

Glass Pool Fences Are Way More Expensive Than Aluminium

Glass Pool Fences Are Very Hard To Keep Clean

Glass Pool Fences Are Dangerous


Townsville Glass Fence & Balustrades

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Simple 3 Step Process to Your Amazing New Fence 

A typical one week process that is as straightforward as we are.

First, we answer your questions and provide you with all the options that meet your criteria.

Our professionals to an on-site visit to measure and plan the project.

Your new glass pool fence is built and it's ready for you to enjoy

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The Fence You Really Want

Our Townsville based team of glass pool fence installers have all been taught by the very best in their field in Australia.

Elevated Decking With Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Townsville's #1 Rated Glass Pool Fence Team

If you’re searching for glass pool fencing online you probably have some unanswered questions. 

Perhaps you’re wondering whether you should purchase a glass pool fence from Bunnings and install it yourself. Similarly, maybe you are wondering if it’s worth having a professional install your fence. If you were wondering the answers to these questions or any other questions related to the installation and choice of frameless glass pool fences, semi-frameless glass pool fences or channel glass pool fences, contact our Townsville Glass Fence & Balustrades.

We have been installing glass pool fences in local Townsville homes for years and years. 

In total, we have installed more than 500 glass pool fences that securely surround both above-ground pools and in-ground pools, all while protecting your vulnerable family, friends and loved ones.

Rest assured a glass pool fence is not hard to keep clean end can even stay cleaner, more easily, than some other fencing materials.

We will provide you the answers to the questions you want to know so that you can make an informed decision about which glass pool fence and which installation method, professional or DIY, is right for you, your needs, and your budget.


Call our Townsville team today. No pressure sales tactics, just information and guidance so that you can make a well informed decision as to whether we are the right team of professional glass pool fence installers.


Frameless Glass Pool Fence And A Deck

A glass pool fence needs to be done right. 

Give the Townsville Glass Fence & Balustrades team a call today and find out for yourself why hundreds of households before you have relied upon our company to install a professional and beautiful-looking glass pool fence.


With buying power that allows us to procure glass panels, spigots and other materials as cheap as any of our competitors, we back ourselves to be the most price competitive outfit in Townsville when it comes to the installation of glass pool fencing. Be it Frameless glass pool fences or semi-frameless.

Call our team today and get a free quote, have all your questions answered, or if you prefer we can get started right away on your brand-new glass pool fence


The founder of a company has always instilled a customer-first attitude in everything we do.

It’s because we are so customer-centric that we have processes in place that almost guarantee we deliver an exceptional glass pool fence on time, within budget. 

All while keeping our customers exceedingly happy and satisfied.

When you choose to work with our team, you will be assigned your own personal fencing project manager.

It is the job of this person to take the time to understand what it is that you looking for in a glass pool fence, what purposes you wanted to serve, what is important to you from an aesthetic standpoint, and what budget you are willing to allocate to your brand new glass pool fence – fully installed. 

Only then can your project managers present you with a range of options from frameless glass pool fence, to semi-frameless and the much-desired channel glass pool fence. 


They will talk you through the different frame options from both a color and material perspective and the different spigots that can be used to secure the glass panels.

They will also be forthcoming with the pros and cons of glass pool fence versus an aluminum fence or another material. Especially as it pertains to the Townsville climate.

We believe that being transparent is in our best interest.

Because only when you, our customer or prospective customer, have all the information they need to make a decision, do they feel comfortable with their choice. 

You can expect professionalism from the get-go and competitive prices which we encourage you to compare without competition.

Give our Townsville team a call today, let us answer your questions, and help you get a step closer to that beautiful brand-new glass pool fence you having been desiring.

A Beautiful Glass Fence is a Filled Out Form Away

Widest Range Of Glass Fence Services

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There is no better-looking pool fence than a glass pool fence. 

Whether you prefer a frameless glass fence, a semi-frameless glass pool fence or the unobstructed views of a channel glass pool fence. 

Each option looks miles better than any alternative material. 

And don’t fret, glass fences are not hard to maintain and keep clean. 

Don’t diminish the investment you make in a pool with a sub-par fence. 

Get a glass pool fence that looks great and provides all-important protection for young children and pets.


A frameless glass pool is the ultimate in pool fencing. As state and council laws stipulate, all pools must be surrounded by a protective fence, but when you get a glass pool fence you are choosing to elevate the look of your pool, as opposed to diminishing the look and appeal of it by opting for an aluminum or other type of fencing. 


You will be surprised just how competitive frameless glass pool fences are. All glass panels are mass-produced and easily installed with just a few components, keeping costs low.


Many people prefer the look of a semi-frameless glass pool fence, and why not, they look fantastic. 

There is a wide range of materials and finishes to choose from when opting for a semi-frameless glass pool fence. So you can select a colour and material that matches the surrounding house or paving materials. 

A semi-frameless glass pool fence is quick and easy to install, in almost all cases your fence will be erected in under a day. We’d be happy to provide you with a free quote. Call Townsville Glass Fence & Balustrades today.

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A channel glass pool fence looks very similar to a frameless glass pool fence, neither has a frame, but instead of being held in place with spigots, a channel glass pool fence sits in a carved out gulley, or channel in the ground. 

For many, this is the ultimate in glass pool fences because it almost looks like the glass panels are free-standing with nothing keeping them in place. 

Needless to say they look exceptional and perfectly compliment any pool or outdoor patio area.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Pool Fencing From Queenslanders 

How much is frameless glass pool fencing? 

No one is going to argue the fact that glass pool fences are the very best-looking security fence around a pool and with that comes a slight price premium. 

But when compared to an aluminum fence, oftentimes the premium is not that substantial.

Frameless glass pool fences start at about $200 sq/m rising to a maximum of $350 sq/m for a frameless glass pool fence option.

Concrete Floor In A Study

Does glass pool fencing get dirty?

As with any material that is exposed to the elements, a glass pool fence is no different. It will inevitably get dirty over time. But contrary to what you might think, a glass pool fence can be easier to keep clean than other types of pool fencing.

The lack of a base that meets the ground in most glass pool fences means there is no gathering of dirt, dust, and particles at the base of the fence. As for the panels themselves, it can take a lot of dirt before they are ‘obviously dirty’. On average you might clean them every few weeks.

Concrete Floor In A Study

How much does glass pool fencing cost in Townsville?

A good thing about glass pool fence installation is that the price is fairly consistent all over the country. 

In part, this is because the materials (glass panels, frames, spigots, channels) make up the bulk of the cost. That being said, in Townsville, you should expect Frameless glass pool fences to start at about $200 sq/m rising to a maximum of $350 sq/m for a frameless glass pool fence option.


Living Room With Polished Concrete Floots
Elevated Pool With Fence
Side Glass Fence

How much does a semi-frameless glass pool fence cost?

Even though a semi-frameless glass pool fence is the preferred option for many homeowners, it’s nice to know that they are also the most economical.

For a high-quality semi-frameless glass pool fence, in your choice of colors, you will end up paying about $200 sq/m.

Are glass pool fences safe?

When it comes to regulations, Australian councils and other governing bodies do not allow lax regulations to get passed into law. Be assured that a glass pool fence is as safe as any other fencing material in keeping people out of a pool if they are not meant to be in it. 

Glass pool fences will not shatter or break easily, it will take a lot of force for this to happen. The type of force which you will not expect to be applied to your glass pool fence, semi-frameless or frameless. 

And don’t worry about the kids kicking footys into your fence, they can handle it.

Is a glass pool fencing hard to keep clean?

The type of high-quality outdoor glass used to build glass pool fences does not get dirty nearly as easily as your kitchen window.

And if you opt for a glass pool fence that sits on spigots, there is no build-up of dust and dirt at the base of the fence, because there is no base that meets the ground!

Elevated Decking With Frameless Glass Pool Fence

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